Bonanza Punch (Drink Recipe)

How to make a Bonanza Punch.


  • Five quarts of water
  • Four and a half pounds of fine sugar
  • The juice of twelve lemons and three oranges
  • One can pineapple
  • One-half pint of gin
  • One-pint of Rhine wine


  1. Grate the rinds of three lemons and two oranges into a bowl, adding the juice of all. 
  2. Put two quarts of water, two pounds of fine sugar, and the juice of pineapple on the stove and make a hot syrup of it. 
  3. Pour this on the grated rinds and juice to draw flavor. 
  4. Chop the pineapple very fine, and add to the mixture. 
  5. Mix and strain all into container, add remainder of sugar, water; add gin and wine, and freeze.


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