How to Order a Whiskey

In this video the guys at Modern Rogue will go into how to properly order a whiskey. The first rule is rule number one, which is order a whiskey the way you like it. Anyone who has a problem with how you order it, is a pretentious jackass. So, if you like your whiskey with ice, go right ahead and get it with ice.

How to order a whiskey: 

  1. Neat or a shot - which is straight with nothing in it. The obnoxious whiskey connoisseur will usually drink it neat. The person who wants to get drunk will do a shot.
  2. On the rocks or with ice - this cools the the whiskey which reduces some of the taste. There is nothing wrong with this, because your pallet might not enjoy that particular flavor. This will also water it down as the ice melts unless you use stones.  
  3. In a cocktail - This is mixing it with something. This could be mixing it with soda, ginger ale, or as some fancy cocktail. 
  4. With a drop of water - Some whiskey tastes a bit better with a few drops of water in it to open up the flavor. 


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